I needed color

This short yet powerful documentary by Jim Carrey left me emotional as I can relate to it on so many levels.

Flavorful Honey-Cardamom Latte Recipe

My mom and I have been obsessed with honey-cardamom lattes ever since we had one at a restaurant downtown, so I concocted my own recipe. Get the recipe>

ASMR… the next viral sensation?

I personally stumbled across ASMR on YouTube one day when I was searching for “relaxing calming music.” At first, I was like WTH is this and why is this lady whispering and pretending to be a dentist?

The society of blame

The world is in a sad state. A state of confusion, hatred, racism and BLAME. While it’s easy to point fingers at others, and blame those around us for the state of our society, rarely do we ever point the finger back at ourselves.