Art x Eyewear = The Concentric Collection

Warby Parker Chelsea- Crystal and Plum with Onyx Tortoise temples - Concentric CollectionWarby Parker has just launched a limited edition eyewear collection called the ‘Concentric Collection‘ that incorporates a subtle artistic twist. Each frame is lined with a dash of color!

The frames are available for both men and women and it comes in a variety of colors and shapes that you can browse here.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love bold colors and it’s why I am drawn to this collection. My favorite is the Chelsea- Crystal and Plum with Onyx Tortoise temples, but truthfully they are all very stylish, it just boils down to preference.

warby parker concentric collection

Dress them up or down! For this look- 1, 2 & 5: AliceandOlivia | 3: Kate Spade | 4. Warby Parker

I think these glasses are particularly suited for anyone with an artistic flair, especially those working in design/architecture, fashion, and so forth.

You’ll be pleased to know that for every pair purchased, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need — how awesome is that?!

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