I needed color

This short yet powerful documentary by Jim Carrey left me emotional as I can relate to it on so many levels. At a time in my life where nothing seems to be going as it should, I find my self magnetically drawn to art.

The urge came suddenly and once I started, I couldn’t stop. Staying up until the late hours of the night, I find peace in imagining and creating pieces of artwork and writing music. It’s amazing how the soul tries to heal itself.

Jim Carrey: I Need color from SGG on Vimeo.

When your heart is in love, you’re floating, weightless. And when you lose that love, you have to re-enter the atmosphere. And it can get pretty rough. You’re just bouncing off one molecule on to the next. Ripping through them at such a pace that they just ignite and explode. Until you find another heart that’s doing the same thing, has landed and cooled. And then you start to float again. – Jim Carrey

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