Too pretty to eat: Maggie Louise Gourmet Chocolates


I get so excited when I come across brands that speak to me! Maggie Louise chocolates certainly caught my attention with how realistic these edibles look — too pretty to eat!

These chocolates are definitely #Instagram worthy, but they are also jam packed with flavour. The ‘Glow Chocolate Box’ includes fillings such as cream caramel and Maldon sea salt flakes, peanut butter candy and chocolate nougat.


After researching the Texas-based company, I discovered that the founder Maggie Louise was a former lawyer who decided to embrace her creative talents by starting her own confectionary business, which is incredibly inspirational for anyone who is debating a career switch. Anything is possible if your heart is in it and you work hard!

                         A closer look….how cute is that lipstick?!

Here are some other Maggie Louise creations:


maggie louise confections_Glow chocolate box_6maggie louise confections_Glow chocolate box_7




Want to see more? Check out the Maggie Louise shop.


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