The recruitment process needs an upgrade.

were-hiring…Literally, just as often as we upgrade our phone software, companies should be upgrading on its operations and investment in its employees.

As someone who has experience with applying for countless jobs and being rejected before even making it to an interview, it has come to my attention the number of flaws in the system. With all the technology available today, companies are still utilizing the standard resume and cover letter method, which I believe is not a good model for recruiting out-of-box thinkers.

Many recruiters and job agencies are often individuals who have never worked a day in the field they are hiring for, and yet they are somehow qualified to hire for those roles? While some agencies actually hire recruiters with work experience in the given field, those that don’t, hire solely on the basis of a resume. They look at the job title and the description of what the person did and find the closest match to the job role they are hiring for.

The problem with that in my opinion is that if I have a digital marketing background, and my job roles revolved around social media, but within that role I did a lot of communications work and branding, and I go to apply for a Copywriter role or a Branding role, my resume gets shoved aside because it says “Social Media Specialist” as opposed to “Branding Specialist.” It fails to recognize that my job title and role does not fully represent my capabilities or creative aptitude.

The second issue I have is with referrals. John’s son might get hired over Sally off-the- street who is way more qualified, simply because of the internal connection. While I think that referrals are a great way to scout talent, if favoritism is played, that talented potential loses an opportunity and frankly, it’s a lose-lose situation because the company just lost someone who could have made waves in the organization.

While it’s obvious that certain skills are required to take on a job role, such as knowledge of certain software, and so forth, the actual process of simply submitting a resume needs to end. Every industry should have its own metrics, questions and test work that they give a potential employee and judge it based on an actionable task as opposed to the hyped up B.S that most people spew on their resumes. As a creative myself, I can tell you that we don’t fit in a clear-cut box, and many companies have failed to recognize my potential because of the old-school system that is in place.

A lot of companies also talk about developing its employees and allowing them to grow, but most of the time it’s far from the truth. Firstly, if you fail to recognize raw talent to begin with, you already fail to see the potential that you have to shape that employee into something amazing.

Trying to fine tune a career is very hard in today’s market, which is why constant learning and upgrading of skills is necessary to stay in-line with competition. If companies really cared (some do) they would allocate a learning budget and time for each employee every year. For example, say I wanted to upgrade my InDesign and Photoshops skills, I would be able to build on my skills so that I can qualify for a role that I want to transition into.

A lot of what I am saying also plays into one of many aspects of inefficient internal operations that I feel contributes to workplace dissatisfaction and most importantly prohibits a company from innovating as a whole. How can you innovate if you fail to keep your internal matters in check?

A lot of startups and newer companies entering the space are recognizing these problems and trying to fix them, and as they continue to progress, many organizations will fall behind. Innovation is a never ending process. If companies don’t have someone to micro-manage front-line issues and rectify them in a timely manner, they end up being long-standing problems that become overwhelming and often impossible to fix. Yearly and quarterly reviews result in employees providing feedback but rarely does anything change.

There needs to be a new formula to hiring! With all the resources available there has to be a way to make things more efficient and interactive for both the potential hire and the employer. I believe that a platform like LinkedIn can leverage its tools to build a more accurate recipe for hiring that could become a game-changer in the recruitment industry.

Along with that, I strongly think that recruiters should have experience working in the field they are hiring for because if they don’t have a clue, how can they size-up an applicant? Lastly, referrals are great, but they shouldn’t dismiss the importance of considering other applicants. I would make a clear policy that favoritism is not allowed. I’m dead serious, I wouldn’t hire my best friend if he/she wasn’t up to the challenge.

It’s about damn time to upgrade from 1.0, don’t you think?

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