My next fashion splurge: BRYR Clogs

bryr clogs

San Francisco based clog company ‘BRYR’ caught my attention on Instagram with its bold colors and elegant shapes.

As stated on the official company website:

The name Bryr (pronounced Bri-er, like the old English word for a thorny thicket of roses) means to care in Swedish.  We believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things. With a nod towards 70’s California design and a closet full of vintage clogs, we hope to bring a modern eye to classic craftsmanship.

I love everything about these clogs, from the practicality standpoint and just the fact they are so eye-catching. Great way to spruce up a dull outfit!

As an aspiring musician I have no $$ to actually dish out on ANY clothing etc. at the moment, but I’ve definitely “pinned” these for later 😉 ….hey a girl can dream right?!

Browse the BRYR collection here.


Main image credit: Oh Joy 

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