You heard it here first | Canadian Edition: Music by Jamila B.

jamila b toronto pop music

Jamila B. is a Canadian pop singer/songwriter who just released her first single titled ‘For Tonite,’ off her upcoming album titled, “Love and Confidence.” The track has a synthpop/r&b vibe, and if you listen closely you can hear African drums that she incorporated to give the song an ‘Amazon’ vibe.

The songstress is signed as a songwriter to Denmark’s T.G Publishing and has opened for numerous acts including Canada’s own Choclair and Carlos Morgan, as well as international artists such as Redman, The Clipse, Black Sheep and Bobby Valentino.

Jamila’s songs remind me of the days when pop music was light and fun. I would describe her sound to the likes of Samantha Mumba and TLC.

It’s rare to come across a Canadian indie pop artist, so I’m delighted to feature Jamila on the blog. Listen to her new single ‘For Tonite’ below:

Hear the rest of Jamila B.’s songs on Soundcloud.

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