You heard it here first | Canadian Edition: Music by Mattiya


Mattiya is an Italian-Canadian rapper/songwriter who is busy producing his first solo project in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he is currently residing.  Due to his diverse cultural upbringing, Mattiya has been influenced by so many different sounds and genres including house, hip hop, r&b, pop, dance and gospel music.

‘Got Me’ is Mattiya’s first official single from his upcoming solo project “The Triangle Project,” which was produced by Colombian Javier Coy Celis. As Mattiya explains:

We wanted this first single to embody the element of water, transmit a spiritual feeling for listeners, and create something that hasn’t been heard before. The song carries a bit of an Argentine-folk influence, but strays away from that classical sound with introspective words and Coy’s choices of bold synthesizers.

I love that Mattiya is experimenting with different sounds and mixing his cultural influences into his music, which really gives him an edge over the bland and repetitive sounds we often hear. Excited to hear what he comes out with next!

Listen to his single, ‘Got Me’ below:

Watch Mattiya’s debut music video for ‘Got Me’

Hear more of Mattiya’s music on Soundcloud

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