Sweet Saba turns everyday objects into rock candies

sweet saba cassette tape rock candies

Sweet Saba is an awesome avant-garde candy shop based out of New York that offers some of the most eye-catching treats! Maayan Zilberman is the mastermind behind the creations, she moved to Canada from Israel as a child and spent ample amounts of time in the kitchen with her grandfather concocting these rock-candy creations. The word ‘saba’ is Hebrew for grandpa, hence where the shop name ‘Sweet Saba’ came from.

While most people believe candy is for children, Maayan created a line specifically aimed at adults. Each piece has a story behind it, and as you can tell many of the pieces may spark nostalgia.

maayan from sweet saba

She infuses select candies with a range of nutritional vitamins and get this, 24k gold which is believed to have medicinal qualities. The candies come in a variety of flavours such as champagne, cinnamon, ginger, coconut pineapple and many more!

I am in awe of these candies — it would be ideal for parties or as a super cool gift.

Maayan is not only a candy creator, for the past 15 years she’s designed lingerie for a company she co-founded called, ‘The Lake & Stars.’ Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Have a look at some of her creations below:

sweet saba lipstick rock candiessweet saba rock candie collectionsweet saba sharpie and paper rock candiessweet saba sharpie rock candiessweet saba sunglasses rock candysweet saba watch rock candiessweet saba fancy rock candies

sweet saba aaliyah record rock candies

Which candy is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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