Dayna Lee’s Sassy & Inspirational Hand Lettered Pieces


there's nothing a second cup of coffee can't fix_sarah nazim

The Dayna Lee Collection offers art prints, stationary, and accessories featuring some pretty powerful hand lettered quotes and adorable painterly illustrations, created by Canada’s own Dayna Lee.

dayna lee collection officeDayna mentions on her Etsy Store:

My goal is to create something that is going to have an impact. I would like to be known as a brand who empowers and inspires women.

I want my work to be there cheering you on when you leave your day job to follow your dreams, telling you to keep going when you have that ounce of self doubt, or just make you smile when a smile is all you need.

I want to truly connect with what you’re going through, inspire you to be all that you can be, and to remind you of just how amazing you are.

I personally love the picture frames they are just so elegant yet cute! View the entire Dayna Lee Collection here.

just a girl boss building her empire_dayna lee collection_sarah nazimbe a macaron in a cookie cutter world_dayna lee collection_sarah nazimdayna lee collection make up bag_sarah nazim











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