Why the local Canadian music industry is failing

92H (1)Plain and simple…executives here don’t seem to recognize marketable talent and are clueless to the new digital music era and the need to develop Canada’s pop/r&b sector. Canada is far behind the UK, USA and even Australia when it comes to investing in local talent with international potential.  Are record labels sleeping?

On a local level, we end up with cheesy one-hit wonder type artists and indie bands that no one cares about. If we want people to support local and make a mark internationally, we have to start developing an industry that understands the new digital music marketplace. I don’t have much hope for the old-school folks who run the show now, but the newer generation gets it — or so I hope!

If we can rally in the thousands for a Rihanna concert, we should be able to rally for local artists too, but in order for that to happen we have to start by releasing music that people actually want to listen to. We live in a digital age where you don’t have to wait for a massive budget or the radio to have a song heard, thanks to the Internet and social media! Wifi enabled cars with endless radio channels aka Internet Radio is the future, so how will the industry cope then? Norway is one of the first to shut down FM Radio in 2017 and go digital!

The lack of innovation in the music industry boggles my mind! Not to mention the influx of self-made artists who will continue to flood the digital space! Apps like Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music already have radio streaming and playlist features, with the growing demand for consumers to discover new music that suit their personal preferences. I should also mention that I pretty much never come across Canadian indie artists on those music apps…where are we at?

Also, some food for thought, why aren’t local Canadian artists touring shopping malls across the country? Malls are basically a teenage playground, so why not go where the people are? Advertise local artists in malls, introduce potential fans with amazing live music and encourage them to follow on social media. That backed with a strong online advertising initiative could be a recipe for success!

I think we have so MUCH amazing talent that just needs to be nurtured properly! We are no longer a nation of  just “indie bands” we are a nation with diverse talent that needs to be recognized. Canadian indie labels who choose to ignore the pop/r&b music segment are missing out on huge business potential — mark my words!

I am trying to boost the presence of Canada’s pop/r&b scene, so send me a link to your music! If I dig it, I’ll share it on the blog 🙂




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