Ten Thousand Coffees? Yes, please! Move over LinkedIn…

dave wilkin ten thousand coffees

If you haven’t already heard of (or signed up) for Ten Thousand Coffees, you need to get on that stat! Ten Thousand Coffees is a new career networking platform described as, “the most effective way to connect with people who interest you for impactful conversations, in person or online.” It is created by a young Canadian entrepreneur named Dave Wilkin.

Wilkin noticed a gap between  millenials and baby boombers and hence the creation of Ten Thousand Coffees, which is now a global tech company that is connecting the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow. So amazing and exciting to see such a young entrepreneur making waves internationally. In fact, Wilkin has been awarded as one of the youngest of Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Marketers!

Whether you are a recent grad or industry professional, it’s a neat way to discover other like-minded people by filling out a profile and joining interest based groups or by browsing the profiles listed by industry. You’re probably wondering where the coffee comes into play in all of this? Once you’ve found someone who piques your interest, the idea is that you invite them out for a coffee.

Watch: The death of the resume: Dave Wilkin at TEDxUW

Face-to-face networking is the best in my opinion because we live in a “who you know” not “what you know” world. You can spend a year applying for jobs, but as we all know, office politics and referrals tend to bump any chance of getting a job by merely applying online. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to just meet with a seasoned professional who can provide career advice.

This platform trumps LinkedIn in my opinion– it’s just not my cup of tea. Although, I have a LinkedIn profile and check it once or twice a week, it has served no purpose to me. It’s nice to pile-up a list of people, but that’s about all it has done for me. I’ve never gotten a job or made any valuable real-life connections. Not to mention the fact that you have to pay to access certain privileges on the site.

While it might be a great tool for recruiters, I’ve personally gotten more job offers from other job boards and direct referrals, plus I’ve made valuable real-life connections on other social sites like Twitter and Facebook groups. LinkedIn can be good for looking people up, for example, if you want to find out who the HR manager is at a certain firm, but once that information is acquired, I find that you get a higher response rate with direct contact by phone or email.

What I love about Ten Thousand Coffees is that it encourages you to MEET people. I feel that the concept is a lot more action-oriented as opposed to passively compiling a list of people that I bet most have never even spoken to or know.

I set up my profile on Ten Thousand Coffees and have joined some groups and “favorited” some people that I plan on approaching in the near future, once the timing is right to introduce my ideas that I am hoping to push forward.

I am a huge fan of this site, and I think it is going to be the next best thing. So what are you waiting for? Get your networking on! 🙂

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