Caryl Baker lipstick review


caryl baker visage lipstick in ciao_sarah nazim

The jewel fell off my lipstick case 😦

‘Caryl Baker Visage’ is a Canadian owned chain of facial salons created by Caryl Baker that offers services such as waxing, eyelash extensions, facials and eyebrow shaping. The store also offers skin analysis and a line of its own skin care creams and makeup. I hadn’t been to this salon in years, but I thought I’d give it a try again as I noticed that the location at the mall is constantly filled with customers and the beauticians working there have flawless eyebrows!

I went to get my eyebrows done and the beautician also did a skin analysis and recommended a skin care line that would work for my problematic dry skin that I’ve been suffering with lately, and convincingly I bought the products and got a free lipstick with my purchase! I will be writing another post to fill you in on the skin care line. But, in terms of the lipstick, I chose a beautiful matte shade called, ‘Ciao’ which is a coral with pink undertones.

I was a bit skeptical at first, as not many people I know use Caryl Baker, but I am pleasantly surprised with how wonderful the product is. The matte lipstick is very moisturizing and it feels like shea butter on the lips, which is amazing for those of us who live in cold temperatures and need the extra hydration. The color is beautiful, it’s not flashy rather a warmer shade . What really caught my attention the most was the packaging…I mean seriously, why don’t all lipsticks come with a built in mirror? Genius!

The products are not cheap, I would say it’s comparable to Mac Cosmetics in terms of pricing; the lipstick costs $18.50 CAD.

Caryl Baker is located across the greater Toronto area,  Hamilton and Niagra, Southern & Northern Ontario, Ottawa and Calgary. Locations can be found on its website, or you can order online!

Final verdict is that I love it! I signed up for the Caryl Baker membership card, which is great because I get discounted rates on the services offered, plus I get a free mini makeover every month, which will hopefully expose me to some of the other products.

Browse the lipstick shades here.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. It looks like such a pretty colour! You should do a makeup look with it too 🙂

    1. Sarah Nazim says:

      It is indeed, coral is one of my favs!

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