SoO in love with cut out shoes!

cutout shoes toronto_fbWith spring right around the corner, it has me excited to  whip out my sandals again! Cut out shoes are the best for those in-between seasons when the weather is still a bit chilly. I want a pair!!

Here’s a few of my favourites that I’ve come across on Pinterest.

`1. Brown cut out flats from Free People

cut out shoes from free people

2. Warehouse cut out ankle boots from ASOS

warehouse cut-out ankle boots from ASOS

3. Loeffler Randall Franca cut out booties

Loeffler Randall Franca cut-out bootie in camel dot

4. I couldn’t source where these shoes are from, but I LOVE them!

cutout boots pinterest

cutout booties



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dāsha says:

    Great post! Cut outs are so cute, I hope they become more popular this spring.


      1. Dāsha says:

        Great! Good luck Sarah👍

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