You heard it here first| Canadian Edition: Music by BELLE


As I mentioned in my previous post, I am looking to shed the spotlight on Canada’s best up-and-coming pop/r&b artists, because I believe we have a lot of talent that only gets attention when US record execs take notice, which is a shame. It’s time to build and support our local artists!

First up is an r&b/hip hop singer/songwriter named BELLE from Toronto who has been compared to the likes of Aaliyah and The Weeknd.

She has three EPs under her belt to date:

  • February 2014: First EP, titled ‘Post.Traumatic. Stress. Disorder’ [PTSD]
  • August 2014: Second EP, titled ‘Obsessive. Compulsive. Disorder’ [OCD]
  • March 2015: Third EP, titled ‘Attention. Deficit. Hyperactivity. Disorder’ [ADHD]

Just by reading the album titles, you can probably guess that BELLE touches on some pretty intimate and personal subjects in her music. As per her official website, BELLE talks about her most recent EP ‘ADHD’ by saying:

While BELLE has not fully healed from past sexual abuse, drug abuse, codependent relationships and persistent self doubt, she continues to push boundaries and finds strength in the third installment of her personal and musical journey.

BELLE’s music will probably hit home for a lot of people, as abuse and addiction is something many people struggle with on a daily basis. I think it’s great that she is able to express herself through music with such empowering messages.

I am so glad I came across her music, count me in as a fan! Rooting for you girl!

So many good tunes, but here are three of my favs:

Hear more of BELLE’s music on soundcloud 🙂

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