Obsessed with agate everything!

agate coasters main pic

I am absolutely in love with this trend! Agate is an ornamental stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony that makes for beautiful home décor.

It comes in a variety of different colours making it easy to find a shade that will blend with your furnishings. From coasters to jewellery, agate can be found in many different shapes and forms.

Gold agate adds elegance to any room, whether it be coasters, serving platters or name holders at a dinner party. Whereas the multi-coloured ones can give any dull room a splash of colour. I personally love the coloured coasters!

Etsy has a large selection of agate pieces to choose from. Also, if you have plain agate and want to spruce them up, you can DIY them with gold or silver rims by using a paint pen or gold paper. I also came across this site that sells agate slices at reasonable prices.

Here’s some inspiration you may want to incorporate into your abode or wardrobe:

agate gem stone candle holders
Agate Candles
Agate necklaces
Agate Necklaces
agate curtain tiebacks
Agate Curtain Holder
agate table top decor
Agate Table Top Decor
agate wall decor
Agate Wall Decor
agate photo holders
Agate Photo Holders
agate cheese platter
Fancy Agate Platter




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